FDA and CLSI recommendations for Fetroja antibiotic susceptibility testing

Breakpoints are based on a dosage regimen of 2 grams every 8 hours administered over 3 hours
FDA breakpoints for Fetroja can be found at FDA/STIC
CLSI breakpoints for Fetroja can be found in CLSI M100

Available susceptibility testing methods for Fetroja

HardyDisk™ (AST):

  • Disk-diffusion method for cefiderocol is standardized to be performed on regular Mueller-Hinton agar plates

Thermo Scientific™ Sensititre™ AST Plates:

  • These plates do not require specialty media; standard Sensititre Mueller-Hinton broth is used for inoculation

Laboratory Specialists, Inc. (LSI)

  • Panel of clinical isolates for verification and validation

Commercial AST methods for Fetroja testing do not require special media preparation and Shionogi is committed to the continued improvement and development of AST methods for Fetroja